Item A1807214E 1:18 scale Item A1800815E 1:18 scale

LS-10 Engine & Transmission

Blown Big Block Chevy Drag Engine & Transmission


Item GMP-18930 1:18 scale Item A1801847E 1:18 scale
427 SOHC Engine &Transmission Boss 9 429 Engine &Transmission


Item GMP-18966 1:18 scale Item A1801845W 1:18 scale
Injected 383 Small Block Engine & Transmission Custom Shelby 350 R Engine & Transmission


Item GMP-18930 1:18 scale
427 SOHC Engine & Transmission


Item A1801839E 1:18 scale Item GMP-18927 1:18 scale
427 SOHC Drag Engine &Transmission Hot Rod Flathead Engine


Item A1805517E 1:18 scale Item A1805411E 1:18 scale Sold Out
454 Big Block Engine with 5 Speed Transmission Injected 396 Big Block Chevy Engine & Transmission


Item GMP-18947 1:18 scale Item A1806117E 1:18 scale
Big Red 427 Race Engine & Transmission 426 Hemi  Engine & Transmission


Item GMP-18851 1:18 scale Item A1805301E 1:18 scale
 Ford 5.0 Ltr Engine & Transmission Z16 - 396 Engine & Transmission


Item GMP-18899 1:18 scale Item GMP-18878 1:18 scale
Blown Drag Engine & Transmission Big Block Chevy Drag Engine & Transmission


Item A1800909E 1:18 scale Sold Out Item GMP-18887 1:18 scale
Blown Small Block Chevy Engine Malco Gasser 427 SOHC Engine & Transmission


Item GMP-18889 1:18 scale Item A1808003E 1:18 scale
Supercharged 5.0L 302 Drag Engine & Transmission Olds Rocket Engine & Transmission


Item GMP-18853 1:18 scale   Item GMP-18865 1:18 scale Sold Out
Vintage Dragster Engine Blown Altered Engine & Transmission


Item GMP-18867 1:18 scale

Item GMP-18855 1:18 scale

Trans Am Engine & Transmission

427R Drag Engine & Transmission


Item GMP-18840 1:18 scale  Sold Out
Blown 426 Drag Engine with Transmission


Item A1806502E 1:18scale  Item A1806702E 1:18scale 
426 Injected Hemi with Transmission 426 Hemi with Transmission


Item A1800907E 1:18 scale Item A1800905E 1:18 scale Sold Out
Pork Chops Blown Hemi Gasser Engine Chrome Blown Gasser Engine & Transmission


Item A1800812E 1:18 scale Item G0602905 1:6 scale  
Winged Express Hemi Engine Edelbrock Show Engine


Item G0603005 1:6 scale 

Hilborn Hemi - Orange


Item G0604103 1:6 scale   Item G0604101 1:6 scale 

Ferrari 250 SWB Comp Engine with sound effects

Ferrari 250 GTO Engine with sound effects


Item A1801837E 1:18 scale Sold Out Item GMP-18893 1:18 scale Sold Out
Cobra 428 Engine & Transmission Vintage Dragster Engine & Transmission


Item GMP-18911 1:18 scale  Sold Out Item GMP-18914 1:18 scale Sold Out
Injected 427 Engine & Transmission Twin Turbo Boss 429 Drag engine & Transmission



Item GMP-18875 1:18 scale  Sold Out Item G0603006 1:6 scale  Sold Out
Blown 572 Chevy Engine & Transmission Keith Black Racing Engine - Yellow


Item G0602906 1:6 scale  Sold Out
Southern Speed & Marine - Ardun Head Engine


Item G1800154 1:18 scale  Sold Out Item A1800902E 1:18 scale  Sold Out

426 Hemi Engine with Transmission

Blown Hemi Gasser Engine with Transmission


Item G0603004 1:6 scale  Sold Out

Item A0403701 1:4 scale  Sold Out

Hilborn Hemi - Black

Ford Motorsports Aluminator engine


Item A1800814E 1:18 scale  Sold Out Item A1800811E 1:18 scale Sold Out
Mental Cruelty Bantum - Blown Hemi Engine Blown 427 Chevy Engine


Item G1800139 1:18 scale   Sold Out Item G1800160 1:18 scale  Sold Out

Blown Ford SOHC Engine

Blown Chevy Engine


Item G0604102 1:6 scale  Sold Out Item G0604104 1:6 scale  Sold Out
Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa Engine with sound effects Ferrari 312PB Engine


Item A1800104 1:18 scale  Sold Out

Item G0601004 1:6 scale  Sold Out

Super Rat Altered Engine 

Turbo Offy Engine


Item G0602904 1:6 scale Sold Out

Item 7503-6 1:6 scale  Sold Out

Ardun Head Flat Head Ford Engine 

Offy Engine - Raced Version


Item 7500-6 1:6 scale Sold Out

Item 7501-6 1:6 scale Sold Out

Offy Engine 

Stock Ford Flat Head V8
Last revised: August 27, 2023.